New website: Note to VFFC Board

Greg, Kathy, Rob, Heidi:

In the short term, I can go ahead and create an exported copy of the current WP site, so that the prior posts can be imported into the new WP location.  Also, I can locate and install some “possible” WP themes for you to review.

But longer term, I think before we get too far into this process that it would be very helpful to have a meeting of the minds with some of you on VFFC board and appropriate volunteers.  It would be very helpful to get some input on future goals with regard to VFFC website.

On version 1, we just went by the seat of the pants to get something running.  But now, this is a good opportunity to “plan: “What you want the new VFFC site to do / accomplish”.  Although better graphics and look are obviously important, it typically is more critical that an organization’s goals and plans are spelled out before undertaking a new website or doing a website “makeover”.

Is there a good time when we can get together to further discuss the new website and goals for  Perhaps by checking a long-term weather forecast, we could pick a day and time when it’s “raining” outside, since there is less chance the farmers will be working outdoors.

Let me know if you are able to get together, perhaps after an upcoming Farmers Market.  Saturday afternoons can work for me.